IT Commission – Achievements 2020

One time tasks

  1. Add poll feature
  2. Add support of three languages: English, French and German
  3. Add feature to import word file for writing pages
  4. Advanced access manager to precisely manage users access
  5. Add user group and users to manage polls
  6. New feature to mange menus visibility precisely for users groups through
  7. Links of each Executive Board on page “Organe des Vereins” to the Statute page and the other way around
  8. Add “Statute” menu in “About us”
  9. Add “Become a member” menu in “About us”
  10. Add “Go to top” button
  11. Add “Datenschutz” link on footer
  12. Add acceptance of data protection (Datenschutz) checkbox for contact form
  13. Add pages: IT Commision Missions, Achievements 2019, 2020
  14. Update menu  to German, add Satzung, Mitglied werden

Recurrent tasks

CamHan database

  1. Identify and delete fake accounts
  2. Authenticity check of existing accounts
  3. If necessary fill in the missing information of verified accounts

User accounts vs office vs commissions

  1. Update executive committee page after the elections


  1. Create and change the site security certificate every 3 months

Social networks

  1. Communicate events on social channels: Facebook, YouTube


  1. Ensure media coverage of events (photo devices and cameras)
  2. Make flyers for different events (e.g. guest for General Assembly, parties)
  3. Realize photo and video montages

Website hosting

  1. Ensure annual payment of site hosting fees
  2. safe and secure data through backups
  3. In case of malfunction, please ensure resolution with the host operator


Message du Bureau

Cher(e)s Compatriotes et Ami(e)s,
En ce jour où notre pays, de Concert avec les autres nations, célèbre la fin du mois de Ramadan nous souhaitons à tous nos compatriotes musulmans et à leurs familles une bonne fête malgré le contexte actuel dominé par le Coronavirus. Nous vous recommandons par ailleurs de continuer à respecter et à appliquer les mésures barrières contre cette pandémie qui continue de sévir.

Très cordialement
Le Bureau.